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Below are comments from Reddit after the Astro-Shamanauts hit #1 on “Deep Into Youtube” for April, 2015.

thepwnguin This is ****ing amazing.”

CarbonCreed –This mofo is a misunderstood modern MLK.”

oOGeneral RyanOo –I was rather fond of this.”

Drs Anderson – “The site still exists. Also, it is rated 7,9 on imdb.”

Iachryma – “Honestly, it’s quite well-made. Whoever made it has proficiency with visual effects. All the basic elements were there — the music worked and drew me in to the story, the effects were believable for how camp it was. Not bad, if I’m honest. It had a story. Most “deep into YouTube” stuff omits even that, a crucial piece. Considering how many people struggle around After Effects, a full CGI production that works is good.”

win_the_day_go_ducks –Glad to see someone acknowledge this. The whole time I kept thinking, “someone put a LOT of work into this”. I try and remind people that even the shittiest movies take just as much effort to make as the good ones. This person’s work is really solid. They put a lot of effort into it.”

ZeroSilentz – “Well, now I’m convinced. Just tell me where to put my money.”

jambrose22 – “I love how in any other context other than finding ridiculous videos this would just be brushed off as stupid random internet shit. But here… this is where stars are born”

tininsteelian-2 –This channel is still making videos, and they’re all incredible.”

donkeyrocket –This is hands down the greatest Youtube channel. It’s official this guy is the tits”

Ucantalas –This person is an advertising genius. As soon as that dude started drinking the magical space rainwater, I got thirsty as fuck. Drank two glasses of water while I watched the rest of the video, only for it to tell me to go drink water! What an artist.”

Lolomelon –The mods are smiling on you. I’m sure. I’m not a mod so I can’t speak for them, but they’re probably smiling on you, right?”

BrastaSauce –Confirmed smiling. View limit is now 5 to increase overall smiles per day, enjoy.”

DingusDeluxe – “…Opened up the channel out of curiosity and here we are. If you venture the channel might I advise you fasten your seat belt.”

TetrisandRubiks –At some point, someone decided that this needs to be made and they actually did it. And at the end they looked at it and were happy with it and published it.”

Environmente –I subscribed..”

krazay88 –Gold”

VintageRuins –Ho-lee s**t. Good find.”

UncleEggma –I’mma keep this video in my pocket.”

hmcbabe –Does anyone feel thirsty after watching that?”

BootyFabricator –I feel like my dic* just took an LSD.”

Treaschwig –I can’t take how planet this is. It’s so planet!!”

Jose_Monteverde –This will become an internet classic”

bashpop –That was f**king awesome”

dropdatabase –holy crap, that was amazing”

Stinky_WhizzleTeats –From the makers of air & dirt?”

spiderblanket –Best thing I’ve seen today”

busstopper –Now THIS is quality.”

stiqk –Well…I want to watch more of that.”

ThemDangVidyaGames –I may be 15 days late to the party, but this is amazing. This is the kind of stuff that keeps me subscribed to this subreddit. Thanks for sharing!”

DonnieJepp –The music in these videos is dope. Very Com Truise Komputercast-ish mixed with vaporwave s**t”

eck- –That was a wild ride.”

derpderp3200 –Formidable.”

eltule –This is the kind of s**t I subscribed to this sub to find. Thank you.”

monmonorama –This is incredible. Good find.”

boththings –So weird. So good.”

Akkarrin –Thank goodness his pet ape was there to catch him, he nearly died. 2real4me”

markekraus – “…this video was listed as 5 views when I saw it first posted and now it has over 300. That’s pretty cool in my book. (EDIT: Holy balls, it’s over 5,700 views now…)”

Astro-Shamanaut Ron – “The video is now at 50,000. Because of the rave reviews the Astro-Shamanauts has been upgraded to an HD version and a 3-D version. There are many more on the way so…stay tuned.”


(Bringing water and new life to dying planets)